Don't Let a Dead Tree Damage Your Home

Turn to us for tree removal services in Alford & Marianna, FL

If you look in your back or front yard, do you see any trees that are leaning dangerously close to your house? If so, reach out to J & S Land Service. Our tree removal professionals will remove any potentially hazardous trees from your property. By getting rid of trees that are dead, dying or encroaching on your home, you can keep your home and loved ones safe.

A dead tree could fall over at any moment. Protect your property through our tree services. Contact us today to schedule tree removal service in Alford, FL or beyond.

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Signs your tree needs to be removed

When you're scanning your property for potentially hazardous trees, there are a few things to look out for. You need to schedule tree removal service if a tree:

  • Is leaning over your house
  • Has dead tree branches
  • Is getting in the way of your pipes
  • Has significant signs of infection
  • Is hollow or has a compromised tree trunk

If you think some trees may be a concern but aren't sure, call 850-557-1431 now. Our team will help you determine if you need our reliable tree services.